Author Topic: 1st Phase of experimentation over [Great Result] Now on to - Chapter 2  (Read 129 times)


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As, you can see...

0 members... :(

I have been very honest, in my selling. For 2 months, I have engaged eyes from various platforms yet 0 members.

I would like to apologize if I sounded arrogant, kindly understand I had to do my duty.

I agree with Ernest Dichter's understanding, People find a downright honest salesman disrespectful. We crave for manipulation/mystery/persuasion. [Ref: Strategy of Desire]

Need feedback: Would 'you' judge it's my fault??....I know I'm at fault for getting 0 members

Chapter 2:

Goal : Understand what we really don't like in the current system/s of governance/economy.

No games in this chapter. Let's seriously try to understand

I'm your personal serviceman, I shall attempt to serve everyone as best as I can. Membership fee = free 

:D I'd love to meet people who can speak various languages.

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I feel Misrepresentation of interests of the people being governed by people in power is a major issue. Once the system has an appointed leader people give up  the responsibility of keeping track and come awake only when there is a scam or some other misdeed. The person/s incharge take advantage.